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Historical collection: Mitochondrial biology

Newest Articles
Bernardo Chapa-y-Lazo, Motonari Hamanaka, Alexander Wray, Mohan K. Balasubramanian, Masanori Mishima
Chapa-y-Lazo et al. report that, during anaphase, astral microtubules and dynein remove myosin from the non-equatorial cell cortex and trigger a bidirectional cortical flow toward the equator, which facilitates assembly of the actomyosin contractile ring.
Carlos Sánchez-Huertas, Marion Bonhomme, Amandine Falco, Christine Fagotto-Kaufmann, Jeffrey van Haren, Freddy Jeanneteau, Niels Galjart, Anne Debant, Anne Debant, Jérôme Boudeau
Sanchez-Huertas et al. demonstrate that the +TIP Navigator-1 (NAV1) couples F-actin and microtubules in the growth cone of cortical axons. This property enables NAV1 to promote microtubule persistence in the growth cone periphery and controls growth cone dynamics and steering.
João Gonçalves, Amit Sharma, Étienne Coyaud, Estelle M.N. Laurent, Brian Raught, Laurence Pelletier
Gonçalves et al. show that LUZP1 is an actin-stabilizing protein localizing to the centrosome/basal body. LUZP1 and its interactor, EPLIN, restrict early steps of ciliogenesis through the modulation of actin regulators and actin at the centrosome.
Yo-hei Yamamoto, Ayano Kasai, Hiroko Omori, Tomoe Takino, Munechika Sugihara, Tetsuo Umemoto, Maho Hamasaki, Tomohisa Hatta, Tohru Natsume, Richard I. Morimoto, Ritsuko Arai, Satoshi Waguri, Miyuki Sato, Ken Sato, Shoshana Bar-Nun, Tamotsu Yoshimori, Takeshi Noda, Kazuhiro Nagata
Autophagosomes engulf a variety of targets, from a portion of cytosol to large organelles, by regulating the size of the autophagosomal membrane. Yamamoto et al. identify ERdj8, a novel ER membrane protein that affects the size of autophagosomes.
Hélène Henrie, Dalal Bakhos-Douaihy, Isabelle Cantaloube, Antoine Pilon, Maya Talantikite, Virginie Stoppin-Mellet, Anita Baillet, Christian Poüs, Béatrice Benoit
Upon stress, JNK stimulates microtubule dynamics in human epithelial cell lines. Henrie et al. show that JNK phosphorylates the rescue factor CLIP-170, increasing its retention frequency on the lattice behind comets, at locations that correspond to potential future rescue sites.
Natalia Pacheco-Fernandez, Mehrshad Pakdel, Birgit Blank, Ismael Sanchez-Gonzalez, Kathrin Weber, Mai Ly Tran, Tobias Karl-Heinz Hecht, Renate Gautsch, Gisela Beck, Franck Perez, Angelika Hausser, Stefan Linder, Julia von Blume
Trafficking of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) through the Golgi remains enigmatic in the field. Pacheco-Fernandez et al. find that nucleobindin-1 (NUCB1), a cis-Golgi localized Ca2+-binding protein, plays a major role in this process by binding to MMPs, regulating their intra-Golgi trafficking, and thereby modulating cell invasion and matrix degradation.
Nina Marie Pedersen, Eva Maria Wenzel, Ling Wang, Sandra Antoine, Philippe Chavrier, Harald Stenmark, Camilla Raiborg
Cancer cell dissemination is facilitated by small actin-rich plasma membrane protrusions called invadopodia. Pedersen et al. now show that invadopodia maturation and function depend on contact site formation between the endoplasmic reticulum and late endosomes, which promotes translocation of the latter to growing invadopodia.

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Current Issue
Volume 219,
Issue 6,
June 1, 2020
Reviews & Opinions
Levi Ali, Cole M. Haynes
Ali and Haynes preview recent work from Liu et al. that provides new insight into the connection between mitochondrial dynamics, mitochondrial translation, and organismal longevity.
Viewpoint | Reproducibility
Rob C.I. Wüst, Riekelt H. Houtkooper, Johan Auwerx
This Reproducibility Viewpoint discusses confounding factors of Tet-On/Tet-Off and Cre/loxP systems, including doxycycline-induced microbiome alterations, mitochondrial dysfunction, and tamoxifen-induced toxicity.
Joyce C.M. Meiring, Anna Akhmanova
Meiring and Akhmanova preview work from Kopf et al. that shows that microtubules act to prevent cell rupture during protrusion extension in dendritic cells via regulation of actomyosin contractility.

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